Mark Grove

Mark Grove – Drums/Percussion

Mark started playing guitar at the age of 10 and after about a few months of lessons, he decided that he wasn’t as interested in it as he thought he would be. So he switched to the drums and started taking drum lessons through the school system Summer Music Program. His first “live” stage appearance was at the age of 14 with his neighbor’s band: “Solid State.” Their drummer had become ill and could not perform a New Year’s Eve show, so they asked him to fill in for the evening and he actually became their drummer for a few months until they could find a permanent replacement. Since then, he has been playing the drums on stage in the local area almost every single weekend for the past 42 years and he still enjoys it. Early on he had played in the school system Marching, Jazz and Concert Bands as well as a few years in the Drum Corps. Throughout the years he has played in many local bands and all kinds of genres to include Country, Rock, Jazz and even a few seasons with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra as well as the drummer for the Capital Theater house band. He also has recorded drum tracks in the studio for several different solo artists and bands. He has been the drummer in “Jester” since 2005 and he also has a “side project” called: “Hired Guns” that plays great 90s Country Music.

“If the good Lord sees fit, I am looking forward to many more years of sitting on the stage and playing music for my friends, family and fans. Thank you!!!”   MG

Past Projects Include:

Solid State-Pop/Rock                                        Streetwise-Pop/Rock

The Bratz-Rock                                                 Southern Cross-Country

Tracer-Country/Rock                                         Buffalo Thunder-Country

Hush Hush-Rock                                               Phoenix-Rock

Jester-Rock                                                       Borderline-Country

Crush Theory-Rock                                           Hired Guns-Country