Jeff Barnhart

Jeff Barnhart – Bass Guitar/Vocals

   Jeff has been playing music since he was 16. Hes’ been playing out with bands since the age of 18. Influenced by bands like Van Halen, Rush, Kiss and other multiple artists from the classic rock golden era, he first picked up a bass to be a part of his best friends band because “that was the only instrument that wasn’t taken yet.” He taught himself to play by learning Van Halen, Kiss, Iron Maiden and 80’s pop songs by ear. He has over the years performed in multiple bands while playing multiple genres of music that includes pop, rock, metal, country, bluegrass, hip hop and originals. He cut his teeth in local bands Power Switch, Triaxe, Sudden Change, Rekkless, Inside Out and Reaction before the formation of Jester in 2001. He performed in Crush Theory for the few years while Jester was on a hiatus, but overall he has been a member of Jester for 17 years and counting. He currently joins Scott in the band “Dirty Deal” as well. He has done studio work with local artists over the years and Jeff also teaches at the Maryland Institute of Music in Hagerstown, MD. as a bass instructor and student performance band mentor.