The Official website of The Almighty Groove!

This is where you’ll get a visual on everything involving, surrounding and explaining what we do and who we are. Plus you’ll also find more information about other shows.

Our motto here at The Almighty Groove is simply “If it grooves, it gets played ! ’nuff said.”

The Almighty Groove is an internet radio show. Hosted by The Native and The Hoppah, One hails from Oklahoma and the other from West Virginia. Even though they both call home in different locations, they both are truly from the great state of West Oklaginia!.

Dubbed as the “Mr. Bungle” of Internet Radio, The Native & The Hoppah play anything and everything!

We are back stronger than ever and even more focused on bringing you the groovers & groovettes the best show ever!!!

– Native & Hoppah

We are continuosly updating our website so please check back often for updates and information!