The Band

Dirty Deal,

A Maryland-based hard rock band that was formed in the 80’s and continues today. Originally starting out as The Shift; personnel and management changes led to a recording contract. Record producer, Kim Fowley suggested the band change it’s name and Dirty Deal was born from the ashes of The Shift.
After the band’s Kim Fowley ( of the GTO’s fame ) produced debut was pulled from shelves when a struggling Erika Records filed bankruptcy, the band experienced lineup changes under the guidance of vocalist Terry Miller. Continuing into the 90’s with the lineup which is now Dirty Deal, the band enjoyed five additional releases and continues today writing and performing between the member’s varying projects.
Dirty Deal is widely known in the Mid-Atlantic region for their brand of rock and energizing live shows.

Current Lineup  :

  • Terry Miller
  • Scott Blake

  • Jeff Barnhart

  • Steve Spinoe
  • S. Spinoe grayscale

    Dirty Deal has seen a few transformations to its lineup over the years.

    Former Members  :

    Bryan Kimes – Bass, Vocals
    Michael Stancliff – guitars
    Dave Berry – guitars, vocals
    Danny O’brien – bass, vocals
    Billy Jones – drums, vocals (deceased)
    Michael Myers – guitars, bass (deceased)
    Wrennie Weir – guitars, vocals
    Allan Kave – guitars
    Sean Boyer – guitars, bass, vocals
    Zak Mabie – Bass
    Michael Spinoe – Bass
    Ron Szabo – drums
    Lee Nigh – drums

    The Shift  :
    John Turner – guitars, vocals
    Joe Rothenberg – guitars, vocals
    Jason Chalfant – guitars, vocals (deceased)

    The road crew goes generally uncredited. Though many bands take care to thank their crew in the album sleeve liner note,. Dirty Deal wants to acknowledge them here as well!

    The Road Crew  :
    James “The Hoppah” Hopkins – current stage tech, merchandise
    Bubby Seal – sound tech
    Scott Murray – sound tech
    Mike Halgash – light tech
    Timmy Hayes – light tech
    Jim Greenawalt – stage tech
    Frank Royce – light tech
    Roger Alexander – light tech
    “Diamond Dave” Marker – sound tech
    Brian “Crow” Palmer – light tech
    Toad Grams – stage tech
    “Filthy Phil” Bielarski – stage tech
    Dave Adams – sound tech
    Keith “Krow” Reed – light tech
    Brian Miller – stage tech
    Bobby “Da Bomb” Kreitz – stage tech